• We are a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to advocate for and support people suffering from life-threatening illnesses. We promote access to high-quality palliative care for all people living in Rwanda.


    As mission, RPCHO likes to maintain an inclusive and transparent organization that promotes access to high-quality palliative care for all people living in Rwanda.


    All people living in Rwanda with a progressive life-threatening illness and their family care-givers will have access to high-quality palliative care services that are responsive to their needs, well-coordinated, affordable, culturally appropriate, and integrated into the healthcare system (based on the Rwanda Ministry of Health Strategic Plan for Palliative Care for Incurable Diseases of 2010).


    1. RPCHO advocate for palliative care and hospice by using different strategies, to influence state or private stakeholders to design, adopt, implement or change practices for quality of life up to the end of life.

    2. RPCHO establish multidisciplinary team in identified health facilities aimed at providing palliative care services to patients.

    3. RPCHO provide and support Capacity building by helping integration of palliative care in Schools and Colleges of Medicine and other social medicine parties by using its expert members.

    4. RPCHO contribute in training to empower multidisciplinary team at all level of health system.

    5. RPCHO contribute in Mentorship to strengthen and update health system in Palliative Care services.

    6. RPCHO Mobile Unit conduct home visits to the patients identified by the various health centers, district hospitals and referral hospitals.

    7. RPCHO actively participate in all related activities of promoting Palliative Care including national palliative care cluster.

    8. RPCHO develop and implement strategies to mobilize domestic and foreign resources to support all programs in palliative care and to unsure support for people suffering from life-threatening illness.

  • Our partners

    RPCHO was conducting most of activities in close collaboration with key partners

    In Rwanda :

    • Ministry of Health ; (Line Ministry) which provided the MoU and permanent support to authorise import of needed drugs and supplies for Palliative care.
    • Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) : NCDs division, Medical Procurement and Production Division (MPDD) for Palliative Care coordination of implementation.
    • Hospice St Jean Paul II, Kabuga : Support for patient’s without family care givers.
    • PEFA Church : RPCHO capacity building support for Church members volunteers in PC.
    • Good News International : Parterns in bereavement activities, Life after Loss training & Income generating training (Sewing) for caregivers.
    • NCD’s alliance Association…. : Partners in advocacy.
    • City of Kigali : RPCHO is members in the City of Kigali hospital network for promotion of palliative care.


    International :

    • Hospice Without Border ( Grant & Technical support)
    • Roros Foundation (Financial support)
    • OSIEA : Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (Future financial support from 2018)
    • UICC : Union for International Cancer Control ; (Capacity building& Advocay)
    • FISP : Fédération International de Soins Palliatifs (Capacity building & advocacy)
    • WHPCA : Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (membership).