Our Partners

RPCHO was conducting most of activities in close collaboration with key partners

In Rwanda :

  • Ministry of Health ; (Line Ministry) which provided the MoU and permanent support to authorise import of needed drugs and supplies for Palliative care.
  • Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) : NCDs division, Medical Procurement and Production Division (MPDD) for Palliative Care coordination of implementation.
  • Hospice St Jean Paul II, Kabuga : Support for patient’s without family care givers.
  • PEFA Church : RPCHO capacity building support for Church members volunteers in PC.
  • Good News International : Parterns in bereavement activities, Life after Loss training & Income generating training (Sewing) for caregivers.
  • NCD’s alliance Association…. : Partners in advocacy.
  • City of Kigali : RPCHO is members in the City of Kigali hospital network for promotion of palliative care.


International :

  • Hospice Without Border ( Grant & Technical support)
  • Roros Foundation (Financial support)
  • OSIEA : Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (Future financial support from 2018)
  • UICC : Union for International Cancer Control ; (Capacity building& Advocay)
  • FISP : Fédération International de Soins Palliatifs (Capacity building & advocacy)
  • WHPCA : Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (membership).