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Since September 2014 RPCHO established a Mobile Clinic team in daily activities. The RPCHO Home-based palliative care services was developed to meet the needs of the patients in advanced stage of cancer and other chronically disease at home with physical symptoms and distress. Home care services are intended to improve symptom control and quality of life, enable patients to stay at home, and avoid unnecessary hospital admission. Palliative care service is provided in the City of Kigali to the patient’s homes/relatives resident depending on their need or the main reason for referral (Pain and symptom control, Psycho-Social support or End of life care) Other interventions are made like advocacy, supporting the Integration of Palliative Care, Strengthening capacity in Health services, Service delivery by improving the availability and accessibility of Palliative Care services and evidence based by supporting operations and outcomes research. In additional on that, members provided support as volunteer in Medical, Social, Psychological and Spiritual Support.
Between September 2014 and October 2016, 88 patients in the City of Kigali were served, 25 patients are alive and 63 are died.
RPCHO attended different meetings like NCDs Scientific Conference 2016 in Kigali and 5th International Palliative Care Conference in Africa, co-hosted in Kampala from August 16-19 by the African Palliative Care Association and the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance.

We move from one village to another in our home visit as RPCHO mobile unit..

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  • Dr. Blaise UHAGAZE
  • RPCHO Legal Representative
  • Mobile phone number : +250788302755/0788615394
  • RPCHO Email : rpcho2013@yahoo.com
  • Website : www.rpcho14.org
  • Project Location : City of Kigali, Rwanda
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