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Key Initiatives

1. Our Mobile Palliative Care Unit (RPCHO-MU) :

Conceived as a specialty level palliative care service delivery unit focusing at the community level. The RPCHO-MU coordinate and conduct home visits for patient referred by Public & Private Hospitals in the City of Kigali as being complex, requiring specialized symptom management and technical knowledge, intensive social psychological and social support, and greater bereavement support.

2. Capacity building and integration :

• Integration of Palliative care in Culicula of College of medicine and other social medicine parties
• Training as empowering multidisciplinary team at all health system level
• Mentorship to strengthen and update health system

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

With the purpose of improving implementation and integrating palliative care into the Health system

4. Centers of Excellence

RPCHO aim to support development of excellent comprehensive clinical services as medical, psychological, social and spiritual in region and in Africa. In additional, RPCHO wish to offer clinical placement expertise for neighbor countries.

5. Advocacy

6. Research

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Our Address

  • RPCHO Organization Contact :
  • Dr. Blaise UHAGAZE
  • RPCHO Legal Representative
  • Mobile phone number : +250788302755/0788615394
  • RPCHO Email : rpcho2013@yahoo.com
  • Website : www.rpcho14.org
  • Project Location : City of Kigali, Rwanda
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